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MonomixTM SEC

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Monomix MC SEC bulk media are highly crosslinked spherical resins made of polymethylacrylate. These rigid resins are narrowly dispersed particles with particle size selection of 10, 15, 30 and 60 μm and pore size selection of 500 and 1000 Å. These resins have proprietary hydrophilic surface functional groups that minimize non-specific binding. Monomix MC SEC resins possess several key benefits: a broad pH tolerant range (1-14), elevated operating temperature (up to 80°C), high operating pressure (up to 10 bar), monosized particle (D90/D10 < 1.3, low column back pressure, high theoretical plate number), smooth surface and highly spherical (for easy column packing).

Monomix MC SEC bulk media are highly stable over a variety of operational conditions. They are compatible with many commonly used organic solvents and aqueous buffers. Compared to silica based SEC bulk media, they are more stable at extreme pH (1- 14) condition. Compared to agarose bulk media, they have more rigid backbones so they can resist high column back pressure and thus be operated at high flow rate. Additionally cleaning and CIP are user friendly and effective and thus elongate resin life. Overall they can increase purification productivity and save purification cost. They have demonstrated SEC mechanism based applications in proteins, polysaccharides, VLP, and other biomacromolecules.

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