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Sepax HP-SAX Columns

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HP-SAX(II) is a silica based mixed mode strong anion exchange phase. The phase has a mixed chemical structure of quaternary ammonium and phenyl group. The mixed mode of strong anion exchange and hydrophobicity offers unique selectivity and high resolution separation for various organic compounds such as aromatic or aliphatic carboxylic acids and sulfonic acid. The uniform polymeric bonding of HP-SAX(II) enhances its stability under various separation conditions.

HP-SAX(II) columns typical application areas include pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, inorganic anions and biological samples such as nucleotides and sugars. It can be operated under a variety of mobile phases, organic solvents including water and organic solvents mixture (such as methanol and acetonitrile), as well as buffer liquid such as phosphate.

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