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MonomixTM Aminodiol

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Sepax Monomix MC30-Aminodiol Affinity Resin: 30 μm narrowly dispersed polymethacrylate rigid base bead is functionalized with a polyhydroxylated surface coating layer that provides a bio-inert surface and shows low non-specific binding to biomolecules. Aminodiol group is then conjugated to bead surface through an innovative method (patent pending). The resulting affinity resin is applicable for the isolation and purification of boron-containing molecules including large biomolecules.

Monomix MC30-Aminodiol affinity resin and column fill gaps in existing purification technologies and cover both analytical market needs and industrial purification market needs. The key benefits are higher separation efficiency, higher purification throughput, and overall lower purification cost compared with conventional RP, IEX, and recrystallization purification.

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