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Sepax CNT Columns

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Utilizing proprietary surface technologies, the Sepax CNT SEC phases are made of specially coated porous silica materials. The silica support has high purity and enhanced mechanical stability. The Sepax CNT SEC phases have been innovatively and specially designed to ensure highest resolution and maximum recovery for the separation of nanotubes, such as carbon nanotubes, and nanorods. The Sepax proprietary surface technology allows extremely high column-to-column reproducibility and provides exceptional phase stability. The uniform, spherical particles of the Sepax CNT SEC phases have a nominal pore size at 300 Å, 500 Å, 1,000 Å, and 2,000 Å with the pore volume at ca. 1.0 mL/g. The Sepax CNT SEC phases are packed with a proprietary slurry technique to achieve uniform and stable packing bed density for maximum column efficiency. Typical applications for the Sepax CNT SEC columns are the separations of nanotubes in aqueous buffer solutions as well as normal organic solvents, such as acetonitrile, methanol and THF.
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