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Monomix Boronate

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Sepax Monomix MC-Boronate affinity resins are designed to purify and analyze cis-diol containing compounds, such as glycoproteins, nucleic acids and sugars. The base beads are monosized, composed of hydrophilic polymethacrylate (PMA) of high physical and chemical stability, with m-Aminophenyl boronate covalently linked using a proprietary hydrophilic linker. This highly hydrophilic resin surface allows for minimized non-specific bindings with biological samples. The resin is currently offered with particle sizes of 30 and 60 μm and pore size of 1000 Å. The exclusion limit of dextran is approximately 2 x 106, and the exclusion limit of globular proteins is approximately 1 x 107, suitable for industrial purification. In addition, Sepax can provide high-resolution analytical chromatography columns under the product brand of Monomix MC-Boronate with a particle size of 10 μm and a pore size of 500 Å and 1000 Å.

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